About Us


Kim Eisenmann


Kim is founder of Xantus and responsible for everything "around the product". At only 26 years of age, she manages the balancing act between impulsive youthness and determined businesswoman according to the motto "don't talk, do". Although she runs a business she still finds time for friends, family, her boyfriend and especially for her horse Carla. Kim is a highly organized bundle of energy and works very efficiently.
Of course, such drive needs a foundation - that's why you can see the petite Swabian mostly at her favourite activity: eating. No chocolate raisins, no tarte flambée or biscuit is safe from her! Burnout is a foreign word for Kim, because she draws such an amazing amount of positive joie de vivre from her work that she ignites other people for her ideas with ease and charm.

Sven Häuser

Sven is the founder of Xantus and responsible for everything "detailed" as well as the distribution. He is the "rock in the surf" and thus the balancing counterpart for his partner Kim. Always keeping an eye on the figures, he not only makes sure that the rent is paid on time, but also coordinates pragmatically and sympathetically marketing, sales, production and development.
In his free time, Sven devotes himself not only to his six-pack (wink :-), but also to his golf handicap. Once he is convinced of something, there is no stopping him. No matter if it's about new distribution channels or ordering his favourite pizza.

Our Team

We have a big team of smart and great minds - we celebrate you for that. Without your power, we wouldn't be able to do half as much. Special dedication goes to Harry and Regine, Clemens, Lena, Marco, Jörg, Winfried, Jan, Ralf, Thomas, Serkan and Arpad.

Our Objective

is to make party safeer and reduce the number of drink spiking vicims. This is why we stand up daily and take every challenge.