Xantus has already saved lives!

In December 2019, Xantus saved the lives of two 17-year-old. They were partying with friends in a prestigious Munich club. When they ran out of Red Bull, they asked nice guys at the next table if they could have some of theirs. The men gave the girls drinks - both tested their drinks with Xantus and the wristbands turned blue! Both couldn't believe it and tested again - blue!
The men asked what kind of wristband that is. When one told them that the wristband turns blue on contact with the date rape drug GHB, the men became nervous and immediately left the club.
Two saved lives - a complete success!
N* was celebrating her birthday when her Drinkcheck wristband turned blue = positive for drink spiking. She went to the bar tender and alerted the police. When police arrived, N* had received a second drink from the perpetrator, also spiked. This even contained a life-threatening overdose. The police were able to catch and arrest the perpetrator.
Thanks to the bracelet, N* is safe and was able to protect all other guests

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media attention

Xantus has been featured in 1,000+ articles worldwide. The media presence was enormous in the last three years and we are very grateful for that! From America to England to Turkey. Countless well-known newspapers, news channels and magazines have reported about us and Xantus. This makes us very proud and also gives us the opportunity to tackle the taboo topic "K.O. drop attacks" on an international level.