Xantus has already saved lives!

In December of 2019 Xantus saved the life of a 17-year-old. She was partying with friends in a prestigious Munich club. When they ran out of Red Bull, they asked some friendly young men at the next table if they could have some of theirs. They gave her a mixed drink – she tested the drink with Xantus and the bracelet did its job! She couldn’t believe it and tested again – another blue discoloration!
The men asked what kind of bracelet it was. When she told them that the bracelet turned blue on contact with knockout drops, they both became nervous and fled the club immediately.
A resounding success!

Social Media Presence

Many young men and women have diligently shared and spread the articles about Xantus on social media – Amazing! We are so grateful for the positive feedback and your commitment. Together we can make partying safer!


A listing in all dm branches in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic as well as the supplying of pharmacies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Xantus has partners in 15+ countries and is growing monthly. Become part of our team and a partner of Xantus! Sell ​​our Drinkcheck bracelets worldwide and in your country.

Media attention

Xantus has been reported in 1,000+ articles worldwide to date. The media presence has been enormous over the past two years and we are very grateful for that! From America over England to Turkey. Countless well-known newspapers, news channels and magazines have reported about us and Xantus.

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