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Protection from drink spiking has never been more important

Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced drink spiking! It not only a ‘big-city phenomenon’ but widely spread nowadays. With the Xantus wristband you can finally protect yourself, your children, siblings, and friends!

Your Wristband For A Safe Party

Preventative protection & reminder

The wristband deters potential perpetrators in advance and thus acts as a preventative protection. It also serves as a valuable reminder: a quick glance at your wrist reminds you to pay attention.

Test your drink

You can quickly and easily test your drink for the major drink spiking substance GHB (liquid ecstasy).

Put 1-2 drops of your drink on one test field.

Wait up to 5 Sec.

If test field turns Blue = drink is spiked! Don't drink

The test is quickly, easily, and inconspicuous.


"This invention could revolutionise nightlife”

Lab Test

Dr. Trauer (Institute of Legal Medicine at the University of Leipzig) Here the test worked within a matter of seconds. Also, a test at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Gießen.

When it came to our test the wristband was a success

“If the quick-test manages this, it is already pretty good”, says Professor Bracher (Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Munich) “almost immediately the test-fields turn blue – much faster than indicated”and that for all the beverages that were tested.

Party? Absolutely, but safely!

Stay safe at parties and enjoy your time with your friends.


The wristband will deter potential perpetrators in advance and thus protect you preventively. It also has a valuable reminder function: a quick glance at your wrist reminds you to be careful.

“As I have personally had experience with drink spiking, I can now finally go out and celebrate comfortably again. I just feel safer with the bracelet.”
- Vally -

“Not only is it inexpensive, its inconspicuous. It’s always in my handbag. Finally I can protect myself against drink spiking! I highly recommend it because it gives you a completely new feeling of security.”
- Susanne -

“As a man, I know what men are like – and I want to protect my daughters from that. When it comes to doing so, Xantus is THE invention and I am grateful to both inventors – Awesome!”
- Pascal -

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How common are cases of drink spiking?

Reports of drink spiking cases occur almost on a daily basis. The number of unreported cases in Germany in recent years is estimated at 800,000+ cases – and dangerously rising!

How many times can I use the test?

Xantus is a Double-Test. So you can test two drinks per wristband.

How much protection does the wristband offer?

To ensure 100% protection, the test would have to be able to test for all conceivable substances and drugs. This is impossible.

The wristband leads to an enormous gain in terms of security through its test and preventative protection. Among all potential substances, the mainly used, most spread and most dangerous is GHB. As you have no chance to detect the major substance GHB with your senses, the only way to be safe is to test with the drink check wristband.

It “only” tests for GHB. Is it even reliable then?

Xantus is criticized in a small number of reports for “only” testing for one substance. Theoretically a variety of substances could used for drink spiking. However, the majority of these potential substances are not suitable in practice, as they can be detected by the “victim” or cause “undesired” reactions. From the perpetrator’s point of view, GHB is the “ideal”, most used, widely spread and and best-known substance, as it cannot be detected. Often, symptoms similar to those of alcohol appear because those under the effects of GHB can feel as if they were heavily intoxicated. P.S.: A seatbelt can protect you from a lot of things and is a large contributor to road safety. The same applies to parties: With the wristband you are way safer.

How common is GHB?

GHB was the most recorded drink spiking substance in 2018 (Statistic Police Berlin, Evaluation by hospitals and toxicologists) More and more evidence of GHB victims, 65% increase in the number of victims (2017-2018). Authorities warn of a very high number of unreported cases.

A reliable test for GHB reduces the risk many times over and increases your safety.

Pure water and rain

As soon as it comes into contact with pure water or rain, the test field turns blue for reasons of safety. The blue colouring when in contact with pure water and rain is a warning that the test field has accidentally been wet and cannot be used for a further test..For drinks containing water such as juices, beer, wine etc. the test works normally.

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