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Xantus Drinkcheck - Study test results


In order to confirm the functionality of the Xantus Drinkcheck wristband, it was necessary to test in the same way as its done in reality. This is the only way to guarantee that the Drinkcheck wristband really works.

as BLUE is identified: blue, light blue, dark blue, green-blue, red-blue, lilac-blue, brown-blue


For each drink, 1-2 drops are dabbed onto a test field


Wait up to 2 minutes


The test field should turn blue in drinks that contain GHB (date rape drug). Otherwise, it is checked that no discoloration occurs

Here is the study

test results

The result is successful! The study shows a 98,2% success rate: The test worked with all drinks!

Testing laboratory: BioChem, laboratory for biological and chemical analysis GmbH

Testdatum: 06.07.2020
Report date: 07/28/2020

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