Wie funktioniert Xantus eigentlich?

How does Xantus actually work?

 We have been asked this question many times. It is explained quickly and easily!

Thanks to its integrated adhesive function, the bracelet can be optimally attached to any wrist. Due to the individual adjustment and fixation, you can put it on immediately and without assistance. Furthermore, Xantus is made of paper. We made a conscious decision to use this sustainable material when developing the bracelet because we wanted to make a contribution to the environment. Because paper can be recycled and also composted. This also makes Xantus special and unique! 


- But what can Xantus actually do?


Xantus Drinkcheck bracelet

To put it simply: 

You can quickly and easily add your drink to the K.O. Drops of active ingredient Test GHB (also known as Liquid Ecstasy). With four simple steps, YOU can check your drink anytime, anywhere: 

Step I: Attach the bracelet to your wrist

Step II: Dab 1-2 drops from the drink onto a test area.

Step III: Wait up to 2 minutes.

Step IV: If the test field turns blue, then the K.O. Drops of active ingredient GHB in it!


Click here for the new product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-ML3GmLcOU

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