Was tun wenn jemand K.O.-Tropfen in das Getränk bekommen hat?

What to do if someone got knockout drops in the drink?

Knockout drops can be administered in a fraction of a second. The effect unfolds very quickly and the person loses control in a very short time.
-But what should be done if such a case occurs? 
1) Do not let the person out of your sight and if possible let other friends or acquaintances know.
2) Get away from the danger zone as quickly as possible (club, bar, New Year's Eve party, etc.) and report to security in any case.
3) Look out for unusual behavior (is you being observed or even spoken to by a stranger at the moment? Do strangers suddenly "offer their help to your friend" etc.) If this is the case: report immediately to the organizers, security or bartenders . 
4) Don't walk home, take a taxi or be picked up directly. Many perpetrators pursue the victim outside and wait for a suitable opportunity. 
5) This point is very important: most of the people are taken home and treated like drunks. However, it is extremely relevant to do a knockout drop test in the hospital (!). 
Reason for this: K.O. drops can be detected for a maximum of 6 hours in the blood and 8-12 hours in the urine. If this period is exceeded, all evidence is destroyed and evidence is no longer possible. If victims are too weak to be taken to hospital, they can urinate in a clean glass and hand them in the next day. This should be stored in the refrigerator in the meantime. 
However, a test should definitely be done. The person concerned must initially bear the costs of 235 € himself, but will Taken over as part of the investigation if the police consider your suspicion of the use of knockout drops to be justified.
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