Die 3 gängigsten K.O.-Tropfen Mythen

The 3 most common knockout drops myths

Unfortunately, there are countless false statements about knockout drops. We try to uncover the most famous and get to the bottom of the truth!
Myth 1: "K.O. drops. Assaults only happen with women!"
We have heard this statement many times. However, this attitude is extremely dangerous and naive. We have already learned from several anonymous sources that it can affect men just as much. Be it to be robbed, as a macabre joke or other malicious ulterior motive. Many women and girls told us in the past that their boyfriends etc. had knockout drops mixed into the drink. Even though they were at the party together! 
Myth 2: "If you had knockout drops in your drink, you know that! The person was definitely just drunk."
Another sad statement on the subject. Unfortunately, knockout drops are odorless and tasteless. Furthermore, from the outside it often looks like you're just drunk. Blackouts, dizziness, etc. are both signs of knockout drops or excessive alcohol consumption. The victim knows best here. After all, you know yourself and your alcohol tolerance best. For example, if you can drink a lot without getting drunk, but after a glass of wine (although you have already eaten something) you already show dizziness and blackouts - these are very likely knockout drops and not the alcohol!
Myth 3: "Oh, it only happens when partying! I don't go to clubs or festivals anyway!"
Oh how many times have we heard this statement! ;) Unfortunately this myth does not correspond to the truth. Over the years, as well as through our own market research and research, we have received many contradicting statements on this. We got to know many victims who were given knockout drops at their own Christmas parties in the company. Others told us about barbecues at strangers, weddings or in a normal bar where they had been with friends hundreds of times before. As you can see, the perpetrators do not stop or have preferences in this regard. In theory, it can happen anywhere where drinks are involved and you are careless for a moment. Therefore, always keep an eye on your drink and do not accept anything from strangers! As a preventive protection, you can always wear Xantus on your wrist. So perpetrators think twice whether they want to try it with you!
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Hi! Danke für den tollen Beitrag! Ich habe das schon so oft gehört und ich kenn ebenfalls männliche Freunde, denen das mal passiert ist. Ich denke vor allem Männer trauen sich oft nichts zu sagen oder fühlen sich dann schwach. Aufklärung ist da echt mega wichtig.

Sina B.

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