Xantus kommt nach Schweden!

Xantus is coming to Sweden!



Together with our new power team from Sweden, Xantus is going into the next round! 

After a somewhat unwanted summer break, the entrepreneurial life leads us on to Scandinavia. In Sweden, to be precise Stockholm, our new company addition is diligently involved in building the brand. The four Swedes Nikita, Caroline, Vendela and Esmeralda want to make nightlife safer. They became aware of the bracelet through the worldwide media presence of Xantus. Together with our German team, a promising partnership has been established over the past few weeks. After a successful market research for the Swedish area, the second phase of the cooperation is now going on! 

The first official meeting will follow in Stockholm in October. Our CEO Sven will travel to the Swedish capital for a few days together with Katrin (HOM) to bring Xantus to market on site. Remains Looking forward to more current news about Sweden and our new partnership! Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then feel free to write us a comment!

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Link to the Swedish Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xantussweden/

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