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Xantus Drinkcheck is featured in the current October 2020 issue!
Here you get an exclusive insight into the COSMO interview with our founder and power woman Kim! 
Under the title "Anger makes you inventive" she reports about the sad experience behind the creation and development of Xantus Drinkcheck. It happened at a city festival near Karlsruhe. A 17-year-old friend of Kim was found in a park that evening. Injured and barely accessible. The hospital was examined by the doctors found out that the young woman had been raped and given knockout drops the night before. 
Almost everyone knows someone from their circle of friends or acquaintances who has already come into contact with K.O. drops. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, the number of cases registered is in the lower three-digit range, with the number of unreported cases being classified as significantly higher. 
"It's sick that we can fly to the moon, but not make it,
To protect women from such attacks ".
Founder & energetic Kim Eisenmann
Out of this anger, she and her friend, Sven Hauser, came up with the idea of developing a rapid tester to detect the most common knockout drops, or GHB for short. After months of research and development, Xantus finally came on the market. A paper wristband that can be attached to any wrist with a simple sticky pad. So it is always ready when you go out and also offers preventive protection. The drink can be tested within a few seconds. If the test field turns blue on contact with the liquid, there is GHB in the drink. 
Thanks to this invention, many, possibly serious, attacks have already been prevented. The bracelet has been available from DM and pharmacies in Germany and Switzerland for a good year. 
COSMOPOLITAN is celebrating its 40th anniversary and we are celebrating with it. A big thank you especially to our community! Without you we wouldn't be where we are today!
In this sense: Be O.K. instead of K.O. and stay tuned for the next blog article: Xantus goes Amsterdam!
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Eine tolle Erfindung, die Gesundheit oder sogar Leben retten kann.

Xantus ist für mich auch eine schöne Geschenkidee für allerlei Anlässe.

Jochen Eisenmann

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