Marktforschungsergebnis für Schweden

Market research results for Sweden

Together with our Swedish team, we carried out extensive market research over the past two weeks! 
The aim was to get a better understanding of buying behavior and the Swedish market in order to ultimately send the right impulses. 
The results were clear and speak for themselves: Xantus is needed and is very popular with the respondents!

The bar scene has not collapsed despite the corona pandemic and many Swedes spend their evenings and weekends with drinks and friends. Since the product is still unknown in this market, there is great potential. Therefore, during the interviews, the function of the bracelet was described and educational work was actively carried out. The reaction was extremely positive! The majority said that they think it is great to be able to protect themselves and others more effectively from knockout attacks.
The survey also showed that 63% of those questioned have already come into contact with knockout drops or know someone who shares the same experience. This is a shockingly high number and confirms how important it is to introduce Xantus to the Swedish market. 
People who have not yet made any experience reports with K.O. drops find the product and the idea behind it meaningful and positive. They stated that they could still buy the product for friends or their children.
Before every product launch and market launch of Xantus, we deal intensively with the respective country and its culture. As the product is mainly used in the party and bar scene, a look behind the scenes is of the utmost importance. 
-What do you know about Sweden? Do you also do research before you make big decisions or do you do everything from gut feeling?


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