Echte Fälle und Erfahrungsberichte- Teil II / Dorf

Real cases and experience reports - Part II / Village

Carnival 2018. Janna and her dance group were invited to a friendly club in a village with around 200 inhabitants. After the performance, the successful dance performance was toasted with two glasses of wine. When Janna left her long drink to call her boyfriend outside, it happened. Someone took advantage of the unobserved moment and put knockout drops in the drink! Unfortunately, this can be done within a few seconds. When Janna's friend picked her up ten minutes later, the film tears began. From that moment on, she can't remember anything. Not the drive home, how she got ready for bed or how she lay unconscious in the bathroom for about two hours. Her friend assumed she was just drinking too much and did not take her to a hospital. Before passing out, she vomited and displayed symptoms of "known" alcohol consumption.
This is almost always the problem with knockout drops. The victims notice that something is different and cannot be right. For the environment, however, the situation often appears different, which is why they never get the idea that the victim was given knockout drops. In rural areas in particular, this issue seems far away and is often not taken seriously. Statements like: "That only happens in clubs" or "Big cities may have a knockout problem, but that doesn't happen to us. We all know each other here" are common. 
(* The people on the images used are in no way related to this experience report, source: Pixabay) 

The next day, Janna was unable to move or speak. She vomited two more times and had a heavy racing heart for hours. It was only around 9 p.m. that she was physically able to describe the situation to her boyfriend. The above symptoms are clear signs of an overdose with K.O. drops. If a few drops are given too much, this can be fatal!  

The shock is still deep today. Janna's friend didn't assume that something like this could happen in the country. It was believed that excessive alcohol consumption was the cause. Janna herself reports that she had never experienced anything as bad and briefly had enormous panic that her body would fail. She was so weak that she couldn't even call for help. Again, this is perfect for the perpetrators as it makes their victims weak-willed and weak.

Janna then filed a complaint and is still waiting for answers. Unfortunately, like so many others, the case could never be solved or the perpetrator caught. For this reason, Xantus is of the utmost importance. The bracelet is the only thing that can directly test your drink. So you can immediately see which person (the bartender, the friend who poured and gave you the drink, etc.) is the culprit. It is important to emphasize that knockout drops can happen ANYWHERE and to EVERYONE! Regardless of whether it is a village festival or a club in the big city. Unfortunately there are no exceptions.


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