Echte Fälle und Erfahrungsberichte- Teil I / München

Real cases and experience reports - Part I / Munich

At the beginning of this year: A prestigious Munich club, drinks and the 17-year-old girl Sandra. 
An evening full of good memories should be created. The underage schoolgirl Sandra was celebrating with other friends. When she ran out of Redbull, supposedly nice men at the next table offered their supplies. One of the men wanted to refill her, while another engaged Sandra in conversation in the meantime. The situation was already a bit strange to her.  
Since she always goes to party with the Drinkcheck bracelet from Xantus, she then tested her drink to be on the safe side. And suddenly something completely unexpected happened! The test showed the color blue - your knockout drops were mixed into the drink! She could hardly believe it and tested again - again the tester indicated the color blue.
When she confronted the men, they got nervous and tried to leave the club as soon as possible!
Thanks to Xantus, Sandra could be saved from worse. Unfortunately, many women and girls are not as lucky as Sandra. Often you can hardly protect yourself against knockout drops. That's why we've made it our mission to make partying safer and to expose offenders instantly with Xantus! 
Feel free to write to us in the comments or anonymously via private message on Instagram or Facebook and tell the community about your experience with knockout drops! Sharing his story is a big and bold step. It also provides more education and connection in this area. Almost every person knows someone in their close circle of friends who has already come into contact with knockout drops. In this sense: "Be O.K. instead of K.O." and stay healthy!
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